Hearthstone's new solo adventure The Dalaran Heist is now live

The Dalaran Heist, the new solo adventure mode in Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows, is now live for all players. The first part of Hearthstone's first-ever year-long storyline will have players jumping feet-first into the League of E.V.I.L.'s dastardly scheme to swipe the entire floating city of Dalaran. 

The new adventure will unfold over five chapters, with nine brand-new "henchmen," each fully voice-acted and boasting their own unique Hero Powers and customizable loadouts, taking the place of the usual playable classes. The first chapter is free for all players, while subsequent chapters will be available for 700 gold or $7 each, or $20 for the full bundle.  

Players who unlock all five chapters will also earn Zayle, Shadow Cloak, which grants players temporary access to randomized, pre-built decks.  Completing each chapter in the adventure will also get you three Rise of Shadow card packs, and players who finish all five will be in line for more rewards. 

You can get a closer look at what's coming in The Dalaran Heist in last week's Hearthside Chat, or jump straight into the action at playhearthstone.com

Andy Chalk

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