Hearthstone pros pick Journey to Un'Goro's most over and underrated cards

When I talked with eight of Hearthstone's best players at DreamHack Austin about Un'Goro and the rising cost of the game, I also asked them to take a look back on their own card predictions. Many of the cards people weren't expecting to be good have found comfortable homes in powerful decks, while some cards that the pros expected to be strong have turned out less than amazing, like most of Un'Goro's Quests

Watch the video above to see pros like Reynad, Trump, and Chakki pick their sleeper hits and most overrated cards from Un'Goro. You'll also get to see some adorable back and forth between Amnesiac and Trump, which is worth a thousand card reviews. Particularly when it comes to the young savagery directed at the Hunter Quest.

Tom Marks
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