Hear Nobuo Uematsu's theme for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward


Let's get into a big argument over what the best Final Fantasy song is.

Wait, first, let's enjoy this: the theme song for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. It's called Dragonsong, and was composed by Final Fantasy veteran, Nobuo Uematsu. The video also serves as a trailer of sorts, and features scenes from the MMO's upcoming expansion.

The name Dragonsong, incidentally, refers to the Dragonsong War—a 1,000 year conflict between the knights of Ishgard and the dragons of Dravania. In Heavensward, players will be plunged headlong into that, er, disagreement.

Anyway, enough lore. What's your favourite Final Fantasy song? The most famous is probably The Prelude, which has followed the series throughout—although is perhaps most recognisable in its FF7 form. I do also have a particular fondness for FFX-2's menu music, Eternity: Memory of Lightwaves. That probably goes without saying though, what with Final Fantasy X-2 clearly being the best Final Fantasy game.

Universally accepted opinions aside, which of the series' songs do you like the best?

Phil Savage

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