Guild Wars 2's World vs World multiplayer mode to be revamped with new player roles

ArenaNet has announced a series of changes for the World vs. World multiplayer content in Guild Wars 2 . In a long explanatory blog post , coordinator Devon Carver set out the changes that will hopefully make World vs. World, the ambitious interserver multiplayer throwdown mode, a more consistently fun experience.

“If you've logged in to play WvW lately, you've seen a game that can be exhilarating and frustrating by turns,” Carver writes, noting that games frequently feel overwhelming and brutal instead of fair competition, and the smarter, more tactical players sometimes see their work undone by a large group of players running around in a mob.

“Large groups usually rule the field, and if that large group is rapidly building arrow carts, I'd suggest you get your affairs in order and send a note to your loved ones. World Abilities is a great feature, but it is one that takes a pretty dedicated player to take full advantage of due to the sheer amount of time required to gain significant rank. Support play is vital to victory but unevenly rewarded in terms of World XP, XP, gold, karma, badges, and other tangibles. While those players rebuilding your walls may be performing a vital service, theirs is usually thankless work.”

To remedy this, developers will be encouraging the adoption of player roles. Unofficial roles like Commander have grown organically, but the team will be implementing scouts, siege masters, defenders and more to give people a job and reward them for doing it well.

“All of that may be well and good,” Carver writes, “but addressing all of those issues is a tremendous undertaking—one that won't happen overnight.”

You can check out Carver's full blog post to see what other changes may be in store for the multiplayer battles.