Guild Wars 2 beta gets one million applications

Guild Wars 2 Gunfire 610

If you took advantage of the 48 hour Guild Wars 2 beta sign-up window last week, don't be too disappointed if you don't receive an invite soon. ArenaNet say that more than a million contenders jumped in and signed up for a chance to be among the first so explore Tyria. At peak moments, 4000 people every minute were applying, and that was between short periods of downtime when the website's server buckled under the condensed pile-on.

It's probably fair to say, then, that many of us are quite excited about Guild Wars 2 this year. There's much to be excited about, including the promise of 300 player, three-way server vs. server warfare in Guild Wars 2's massive PvP zones and the dynamic quest system that offers you quests on the fly as you explore Tyria's zones. We spent some time with the beta recently, and had a go at answering all of your questions about Guild Wars 2 .

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