GTA Online's Gunrunning update will add weaponized vehicles and mobile upgrade hub

It's no surprise that, with a name like Gunrunning, you'll be living the life of an arms dealer in GTA Online's next update. Rockstar Games has released new details in a blog post on some of the things you'll be able to play around with in the upcoming update, including a Mobile Operations Center and weaponized vehicles.

We already know that players will have their own Bunker, which will operate as a main hub of sorts. However, you'll be able to take those operations on the go if you spend the cash on a Mobile Operations Center. We don't get a particularly good look at the thing in any of the new screenshots, but we do get a front shot of the semi pulling it (below), and the MOC looks pretty dang big. It sounds like you'll be able to customize it to create a mobile place where you can modify your weapons and vehicles—that includes the upcoming weaponized vehicles, too.

The blog post doesn't go into too much detail with what to expect from the weaponized vehicles, but it does talk about an "amphibious, canon-toting APC" and an anti-aircraft trailer, the latter of which can be seen in the screenshot above.

While you will be able to manufacture weapons and sell them, you'll also be able to allocate your Bunker's scientists to researching upgrades for weapons, weaponized vehicles, and your Mobile Operations Center. You can check out the full blog post, including all of the screenshots, here.

The Gunrunning update is expected to release sometime this month. We'll keep you updated as a more specific date is revealed.