Rockstar details GTA 5 PC's director mode

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Shaun has had his mitts all over GTA 5's video editor, something he refers to as the game's "killer feature". The one thing he didn't get to try was the editor's new "Director Mode". To find out more about this PC-exclusive feature, we asked Rockstar to explain how the editor had improved since GTA IV.

"The Rockstar Video editor in GTA V features a number of significant improvements," says John Macpherson, lead designer at Rockstar Toronto. "This starts at the recording level, where players now have the option to start and stop their captures at will. We have also added a brand new feature known as 'Director Mode'. This gives users the ability to play and record using any actor from GTA V such as story and heist crew characters, members of the ambient population and even animals."

In addition to manipulating the characters (and animals), players can make them speak and perform contextual actions. "This radically increases the possibilities for creativity," he says. Macpherson also notes that the Director Mode will let players adjust the time of day, weather, and enable a "host of cheats" to enhance the scene.

"On the editing side of things," Macpherson says, "GTA V now allows players to add and trim multiple radio tracks to a single video. Scored music is also available as are numerous in-game commercial recordings. A new suite of custom filters have been added along with custom post effects tuning. Players can add and customize depth of field effects in their videos now as well. For camera edits, additional targeting and blend options have been added for greater control over shots. Final edits can now be shared directly to YouTube and entered into upcoming Social Club contests."

For more on GTA 5 PC, read Sam's hands-on impressions. GTA 5 comes out on April 14.

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