Google push Chrome Web Store as new front for PC gaming

GDC 2011 Chrome Store Thumbnail

Google have just finished a talk at GDC where they highlight the potential of the Chrome Web Store and what it can do to help app developers monetise their ideas successfully.

The Chrome Web Store launched back in December, and since it's release has been gathering momentum. The system has been compared to Apple's iTunes App Store and Google's own Android Market, but rather than for portable devices the Web Store is - like it's name suggests - within your browser. From here in your Chrome window you can access a plethora of apps - including games such as RuneScape - which can then be run within your browser. Read on for all the details.

For apps within the Store, Google strongly support native HTML 5 and WebKit development, pointing out that plug-ins are a bad idea, and rely on software such as Flash which users may not have. They point out that Facebook has paved the way for browser-based games; the site has 125 million users who access it with HTML 5 browsers, all of whom can use the social network's many games. This demonstrates the vast audience for HTML 5 games, argues Google.

Google have also pointed out the possibilities that the Chrome Web Store provides for app developers, with the ability to generate income through paid-for distribute - both one-time and subscription based purchases - and to offer free content to encourage sales. The Store is soon to be able to support in-app payments, with a beta supporting this function available now.

The whole Chrome Web Store system is seamlessly integrated into the Chrome browser (which is seeing an continued rise in adoption over Internet Explorer and other alternatives), and can be synced across all your browsers.