What is the song from the Gears 5 trailer?

Gears 5 song
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What is the Gears 5 commercial song? Games trailers have quite the burden: in, at most, just a few short minutes, it's got to persuade you to drop roughly $60 and invest tens to hundreds of hours of your life. Thankfully for The Coalition, Gears 5's 'The Chain' trailer is clearly doing that and is striking a chord with plenty of would-be Locust slayers.

A big part of the commercial's success is its use of music, and it'll certainly sound familiar to the older demographic of Gears players. If it sounds completely new to you or you just weren't around for the late seventies release of the original track, we're here to let you know what the song in the Gears 5 trailer is.

In the trailer we can see protagonist Kait blazing a trail through a barren war zone as she struggles with her past demons. It's a scene that requires a soundtrack full of drama, and The Chain is a song that certainly delivers.

The original version of the track you hear in the launch trailer is The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. However, the Gears 5 commercial song is a cover sung by Amy Lee, co-founder and lead vocalist of rock outfit, Evanescence.

The Chain is part of the legendary album, Rumours, so give yourself a break from uncovering the origins of Kait's family to familiarise yourself with some vintage seventies pop when you get the chance. 

The version by Lee is undoubtedly a refreshing one, and that's despite the omission of that iconic riff. Then again, Kait does unleash her chainsaw, instead; you win some, you lose some, we suppose.

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