Garden to galactic dominion in Eufloria


Whether it's Sins of a Solar Empire, Rise of Nations, or Grand Theft Auto, my very nature compels me to virulent conquest throughout any potential dominion like a tyranid swarm. Nothing is more satisfying than the sight of my player-color ominously enveloping a map. Unfortunately, many of the games that allot such maniacal pleasures are quite the time-sink, which is why I was so thrilled when I discovered Eufloria a few months back. It's all the blind land consumption I want, without the advanced features that require a greater time investment.

Eufloria's art style is its first tell of simplicity. It's a 2-D minimalist design filled with flitting petal creatures called seedlings that soar through pastel skies; instead of a headquarters, your floral armies bloom from trees on asteroids represented by unassuming circles. By sacrificing seedlings, you can plant more trees, and thus exponentially increase the rate of your fleet's growth.

It's a simple game with even more simple AI, which relegates it solely to the realm of cool-down game--the lack of multiplayer further cements the fact. Even in advanced levels, you'll have little trouble methodically trumping your enemies. Eufloria isn't a game you'll sink hours into at a time, but rather, a pallet cleanser between more hearty games--for when even your downtime needs a little conquest.