How to 'find a place with plenty of tomes' for Waldhar in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2 The Caged Magistrate - Waldhar in a study
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If you're looking to find a place with plenty of tomes in Dragon's Dogma 2, you're undoubtedly pursuing The Caged Magistrate quest and hunting for a haven where you can send poor imprisoned Waldhar—that or you're just a nerd. Once you arrive in the capital of Vernworth, you'll need to help out Captain Brant with some tasks, one of which involves freeing a magistrate from the prison.

However, Waldhar is happy where he is in the Vernworth Castle Gaol; he's got lots of books to read and that's all he really wants. In order to free him, you'll have to provide a hideout with substantial reading materials, hence looking for "a place with plenty of tomes". Since Dragon's Dogma 2 doesn't guide you in tracking down this repository of knowledge, here's what you need to do to locate it.

Dragon's Dogma 2: Find a place with plenty of tomes

After you talk to Brant at The Stardrop Inn and agree to help free Magistrate Waldhar, the captain will give you a gaol key so you can go see the prisoner. Once there, Waldhar explains that he's quite comfortable and won't leave unless you can find "a place with plenty of tomes" for him to peruse over and pass the time with.

This is where things get a little unclear and the quest markers stop, but if you follow these steps you'll find what you need:

  • Go back to Captain Brant in The Stardrop Inn. He'll suggest you head to The Gracious Hand temple outside the city and talk to Kendrick.
  • Speak to Kendrick out front of The Gracious Hand and give him a couple of donations, either gold or food. After your second donation he'll ask for your help locating a missing boy called Malcolm, which begins the Heel of History quest.
  • Chat to the three children—Aimee, Harvey, and Rick—who are all in the vicinity of The Gracious Hand, and then report your findings to Kendrick.
  • Kendrick will lead you into the vaults below The Gracious Hand where you'll find an unscathed Malcolm and, lo and behold, a repository of knowledge, a veritable "place with plenty of tomes" as one might say

Now you simply have to head back to the gaol in Vernworth Castle and inform Magistrate Waldhar you've found a book cave for him. Escape with Waldhar via back door of the gaol using the gaol key that Brant gave you, head down the stairs, and out onto the cliffside where he'll give you his thanks and bid farewell.

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