Dragon's Dogma 2 players in shambles as they discover Capcom might be pity-renting their unwanted, scraggly pawns

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Dragon's Dogma 2, like its predecessor, handles parties in a cool and novel way—through its "pawns" system. Basically, there are soulless people-shaped adventurers you can summon from beyond the rift, often created by other players. You get a main pawn that you get to customise, while your remaining two party slots are filled out by rentals.

Getting your pawn rented gives you rift crystals (RC), which can be spent on in-game items or to hire pawns above your current level. As a bonus, players can send your moonlighting mate back with a gift or two. Or just a rotten hunk of meat, if they're feeling vindictive.

As discovered by players on the game's subreddit (thanks, GamesRadar), however, your Pawn might be getting pity-rented by Capcom itself.

"You can tell whether an actual player rented your pawn by attempting to view their profile while looking at your pawn's report. If the option is greyed out, it's a 'fake player'," writes user MrFoxer, linking to a FAQ on Capcom's website. Sure enough, said FAQ reads:

"Your main pawn may return from their travel beyond the rift, even if your pawn is not borrowed by another player. Under these circumstances, the borrower’s name will only be displayed, and you will not have access to their information, such as their profile."

Now, MrFoxer's only half-right here. A greyed-out profile can also, as the FAQ mentions, signify that a player's changed their "Online Pawn Access" setting. In that case, the player's name will also be replaced with a dash. If you're looking at a greyed-out profile with a name attached? You might be getting a consolation prize. 

As a few players in the thread observe, however, there are still some high-level pawns with low or absent rentals. Granted, this might be because a "fake" rental doesn't show up on a pawn's profile, or it might be because these rents are randomly distributed—RNG, rather than condescension.

Regardless, some players are hanging their heads after realising their pawns might've been receiving gifts of pitywort out of, well, pity. "I've had two batches of fake rents, one from 'Chun li'," comments one player, while another laments: "You're telling me there's a chance no one is hiring my precious Gorlock?" Sharing a mug that only an Arisen could love. 

Comment from r/DragonsDogma

Don't worry, Gorlock. I'll hire you if I see you—I know you're kindhearted. It says so on your stat sheet.

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