Cyberpunk 2077 quest lead says we still haven't found every easter egg

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In an interview with IGN at the Game Developers Conference, CD Projekt associate game director Paweł Sasko revealed that we've still got to do some digging if we want to find every secret in Cyberpunk 2077.

Referring to a listicle of the game's secrets he had recently seen, Sasko said that "It had a long list, but it didn't have everything." He did allow that some of the secrets he was thinking of could have been found and not disseminated, though: "Someone could have found them in their home and never shared them with anyone, and we just never saw it."

It's an interesting point he brings up⁠—even with the volume of discussion about videogames on social media, there are still some secrets that can still fall through the cracks. It's a nice echo of the playground mystique games used to be able to carry⁠—could you imagine if we got Elden Ring before the internet? Individual players could have gone years without discovering the Dung Eater's questline or the Three Fingers under Leyndell.

But I don't know if Cyberpunk's infamous FF:06:B5 conspiracy could have been solved (if, indeed, it has been solved) without its dedicated subreddit. It's still not clear if we've figured out everything related to the cryptic code that's haunted Cyberpunk 2077 since launch, but dedicated players managed to uncover a mysterious side story involving master hackers, an in game Wolfenstein 3D parody involving Johnny Silverhand, and interdimensional shenanigans possibly related to The Witcher saga.

Phantom Liberty's payphone, though, is one sure area where players haven't found everything: Sasko confirmed to IGN that there are still codes that we haven't punched in and called yet.

We also had our own opportunity to interview Sasko at this year's GDC: the developer told us the secret of how Cyberpunk's quests were so good, why a Larian-style early access might not work for CDPR, one of the biggest design lessons the team took from Cyberpunk, and how they produced the excruciating choice at the heart of Phantom Liberty.

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