The best weapons in The Finals Season 2

Knowing what The Finals best weapons in Season 2 are is essential if you want to dominate the fast-paced gameplay in the destructible arenas. The Finals is all about vying for cash - or in the case of the new 5v5 mode, escorting the payload -  and with so many weapons and playstyles to choose from, you don't want to waste your time with some of the weaker offerings. 

Here are the best weapons in The Finals, taking into account the three new additions with Season 2, in no particular order.

AKM (Medium)

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You can't beat the classics, which is why the AKM is still the best jack-of-all-trades gun in The Finals. Sure, the Famas is the new kid on the block that tries to go toe-to-toe with this fully automatic assault rifle, but the burst nature of the Famas makes it less suited to the fast-paced movement in The Finals. The AKM has a bit of a kick so at longer distances you'll need to tap fire, but its ability to kill enemies of any class in just one magazine if you hit most of your shots is undefeated.

SA1216 (Heavy)

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The Heavy is, as you'd expect, a bit of a tank. This means the class can take a beating but moves relatively slowly and is more cumbersome than the other two classes… but does that matter when you also have immense firepower? The SA1216 is phenomenally strong, a fully automatic shotgun that packs a serious punch when you're up close and personal. Pair it with the Mesh Shield and you're the de facto breach and clear specialist for your team. It's also simply stronger than the new KS-23 pump-action shotgun because despite the newcomer dealing more damage, it has a much smaller magazine and lengthy reload time.

M11 (Light)

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The Light class has a few more weapons available to it than the other two weight classes, but unfortunately, that also means there's more room for underperformers. That isn't the case with the M11 though, a very fast-firing machine pistol with an impressively quick reload time. Taking on enemies completely solo is a tough task with this gun because of how quickly it burns through its ammo, but when you're working in sync with your teammates and you can cause chaos by firing from the hip in the middle of an existing gunfight, you can pick up plenty of kills.

V9S (Light)

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One of the other worthy Light class weapons is the V9S. This looks like a simple, silenced pistol at first, and, well, that's exactly what it is. It requires a little more accuracy than the M11 but if you can click on heads consistently enough, this little pea shooter obliterates enemies with ease. So to that end, it's a much better choice for a solo Light player, but it requires much more skill to use effectively. Both of these Light weapon choices are stronger than the 93R, the burst-fire pistol in Season 2, for the same reason the Famas isn't particularly strong either: burst-fire weapons simply aren't strong enough in The Finals to ever warrant them over automatic variants.

Lewis Gun (Heavy)

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If you're a Heavy main who prefers to deal with foes from a distance, look no further than the Lewis Gun. This light machine gun isn't quite the reckoning force it once was after it got nerfed, but it is still a very reliable, consistent performer with a large magazine and manageable recoil. You'll struggle to deal with enemies in the middle of a chaotic fight, but if you can stay out of harm's way then you can spray, pray, and slay.

FCAR (Medium)

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Not loving the recoil on the AKM? The FCAR may be more up your street, as it is a little more accurate at the expense of a much smaller magazine. It only has 20 bullets before you need to reload compared to the AKM with 36, but the trade-off is also that the FCAR comes with a holographic sight so it's a little more effective at range. As mentioned above, the AKM is the jack-of-all-trades choice, but the FCAR isn't too far behind when it comes to automatic assault rifles.