Gamers trust specialist media more than YouTubers, advertising

Pc Gamer

The specialist gaming media is trusted more than YouTubers, vloggers, the mainstream media and advertising, a survey has revealed.

As reported over on industry-focused site MCV, the data comes via Ipsos Connect’s GameTrack, which surveyed 8,317 gamers across the globe, asking them to rate different media on a trustworthiness scale.

83% of UK players reported faith in the specialist press — like us, here, PC Gamer, your friendly neighbourhood website/magazine/force for PC gaming good — while YouTubers and vloggers racked up a trust rating of 71%.

Advertising is trusted by 60% of players, which is a mite high, I’d say, and mainstream media — newspapers et al — bagged a 70% rating. Trailers, meanwhile, managed a whopping 75% trust rating, which is as you’d expect, really.

In Europe the figures change a bit — specialist media bagging a 75% rating and YouTubers 61%, with advertising only managing 44%, showing continental Europeans are a mite more cynical than the Brits.

There’s a few more interesting stats over on the article, so check that out — including how influence differs from trust: 68% saying specialist media actually influences their decisions, while a much closer 67% allow YouTubers to inform their purchasing decisions. We’ve all got our uses, it seems.

It’s nice to know you lot trust us — we do our best to repay your faith with some super-excellent words and news and videos and all kinds of stuff. Everybody wins!