Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Release date and what we know about Paradise

Fortnite Paradise - Paradigm's hand reaching out of goo
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Everyone wants to know when Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is set to release, and by everyone, I mean people who play Fortnite. This past Vibin' season has been a pretty chill time, with some fun crossovers with Dragon Ball and more recently with Destiny 2. But with only a little while left until the new season, players are wondering what's in store.

Fortnite "Paradise" is the official name for Season 4, but from what we've seen it's going to be anything but that. Teasers feature characters being swallowed up by some kind of metallic-looking goo, while the official Fortnite Twitter account is posting some slightly unnerving stuff. Either way, here's everything we know about Fortnite Paradise, what's likely on the way, and when Season 4 is expected to release.

What is the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 release date?

The Fortnite Season 4 release date is September 18. This was originally the speculated release since it's when the current battle pass concludes, but it was later confirmed by the Fortnite Paradise website, which reveals the name of the new season as well as the date it's set to arrive.

Epic Games also released an official post saying what you should finish before the new season begins, and also states that the official downtime should start around 2am ET.

Fortnite Paradise: What to expect in Season 4

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Official details have been relatively thin for Season 4. The Fortnite Paradise website was the first proper teaser, giving us a name and the release date. Another teaser, shared by iFireMonkey, comes in the form of a promo image that was added to the eShop version of Fortnite, showing a hand reaching out of some kind of metallic liquid. iFireMonkey confirms below the initial tweet that the hand seems to belong to a remixed version of the character The Paradigm—one of The Seven whose identities have largely remained a mystery. 

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was revealed as the first of the Seven, The Foundation, and it's been rumoured that Brie Larson is likely to appear as The Paradigm, lending her likeness and voice to the character in much the same way. Considering this season is also called Paradise, the character's appearance is likely. The Fortnite Twitter account has also been sharing some cryptic teasers, which seem to confirm that we're in for a spooky time in season 4.

In terms of new skins, according to multiple leakers, Spider-Gwen is coming to the Season 4 battle pass. It'd make sense considering the recent Marvel x Fortnite: Zero War comic book series and the continuing crossovers that they are working on together. Apparently, Miles Morales will also be available later in the season. Hopefully, he brings his little orange cat buddy with him. 

iFireMonkey also notes that each of the platform stores for Fortnite seem to feature a different hand reaching out the metallic liquid, teasing upcoming Season 4 skins. The Nintendo eShop shows Paradigm's hand (on Switch), the Playstation Store shows Spider-Gwen's hand, Epic Store apparently shows a goth version of Meowscles, and Microsoft Store shows a chrome-hand that is speculated to be part of an original skin

Finally, there are rumours that a Lady Gaga in-game concert is on the way. The speculation started a long while back due to leaked court documents that revealed Ariana Grande, Naruto, and Lady Gaga were coming to the game. The rumour has resurfaced due to the leak of a new synced emote featuring her song Poker Face being added in a future patch. Lady Gaga was featured as part of the Rainbow Royale LGBTQIA+ event, with her songs playing on in-game radios. A future concert might arrive in Season 4, but there's no way to be certain right now.

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