For Honor PC hotfix targets Easy AntiCheat and Steam Controller issues

For Honor's first post-launch patch is due today and it's exclusive to PC. 

In his overall positive review, Andy described Ubisoft's latest history-defying fighter as a "tense, tactical medieval brawler that will reward anyone with the patience and will to master it." Andy's issues lay with the game's mechanics outside of fighting—where it becomes "needlessly bloated"—and while he didn't appear to suffer any performance issues, this hasn't been the case for everyone playing on PC. 

Due later today, the latest hotfix aims to fix problems with Easy AntiCheat by updating the error messaging for specific notifications, that will in turn make them "more user friendly." An error that was incorrectly blocking certain players from entering the game has also been fixed. 

If you've been playing by way of Steam Controller, you'll no longer be kicked from games for being inactive when providing controller input, and a number of bugs tied to the shutdown process have been sorted. 

A number of aesthetic issues have been remedied too, including PC startup and full screen bugs, incorrect window positioning, and the game incorrectly switching or storing borderless mode in the settings menu. 

All of the above and more is set to roll out at 5am PT/1pm GMT today—more information can be found here. If you follow that link, you'll notice Ubisoft says the above "does not address the issues [it] flagged as Upcoming Gameplay Improvements", which are linked here. Those fixes are due at a later date.

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