Five components of the perfect mobile gaming setup

(Image credit: HP)

Since beige boxes first arrived to enrich our lives forever, we’ve been trying to figure out ways to take PC gaming beyond the outer reaches of our desk. But whereas once it was an endeavour involving vast slabs of hardware and squinting at Championship Manager on a train, taking a top-spec gaming machine today is a breeze. You just need a laptop that meets the following checklist like HP’s new OMEN 17 models, featuring 11th gen Intel CPUs.

1. A panel with no compromises

A great gaming laptop has to balance both sides of the fidelity equation - rendering frames at blistering speed under the hood, and then capturing the detail and subtlety of each frame on its screen. There’s not much point investing in a machine that can run your games at max settings if you can’t actually see what max settings looks like. 

That’s why OMEN 17 models feature QHD 165Hz IPS panel with 3ms response time and 100% sRGB - in other words, /all/ the colours. The inky blacks and rich colours of IPS, matched with a lightning-quick refresh rate, show your games at their best.

2. Specs to make your desktop rig jealous

If you play frenetic shooters and open-world games dripping with detail on your desktop machine, you want a mobile gaming rig that’ll let you take those same visually demanding games on the go with you. 

And a machine capable of that begins a great combination of CPU and GPU. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU and 11th generation Intel® Core i7 processor within OMEN laptops carry enough power to embarrass many desktop machines, and can certainly keep pace with you in the most detailed, spectacular gaming environments.


(Image credit: HP)

3. Expert cooling, quiet operation

With both processor and graphics card working hard under the hood, a high-spec mobile gaming machine is going to produce heat. Dispersing that heat efficiently is crucial to keeping gaming performance rock-solid and maxed out - without fusing your fingers to the keyboard. 

The solution in OMEN laptops is a Tempest Cooling System with several exhaust points and a massive heat dispersal area. The heat’s blown out of the machine before you notice it at your fingertips. 

Further cooling power is harnessed at software level thanks to OMEN Gaming Hub. This handy app gives you control over cooling levels and gaming performance modes, and customise your laptop’s RGB colour scheme. It’s also a game launcher with new game unlocks and prizes to be won when you take on its daily challenges. 

4. Stealthy looks

So you’ve got a gaming rig that can outstrip many a desktop machine, attached to a beautiful panel. And it can keep itself cool with some expert engineering. But you might not be tempted to take it on the train with you if it takes up a full table and emits a light show to rival the Vegas strip. 

OMEN 17 laptops don’t need to brag about their gaming power with their looks. A subtle and stealthy aesthetic finishes them off. You’ve got backlit RGB keys beneath the mechanical keyboard when you want it, but you can remain incognito too if you’d rather not attract the wandering eye of Ken from accounts sitting next to you.

5. Greener gaming

Right now we’re all looking for ways to help the environment. Gaming laptops might not be the first place you’d think of, but the engineering and design approach of new OMEN range keeps things green. That gorgeous finish is achieved with recycled aluminium, and on the speaker boxes you’ll find a mix of ocean-bound and recycled consumer plastics. Same goes for the keycaps. All packaging materials are 100% sustainable, and OMEN laptops are Energy Star certified and EPEAT Silver registered, which means you can breathe easy about using a laptop that’s energy efficient and minimises environmental impact. 

The OMEN 17, along with a wider range of OMEN laptops powered by Intel are available right now.