Farming Simulator 22 announces beekeeping with a new animal-filled trailer

Farming Simulator 22 arrives in exactly one month, and to prepare all you eager farming enthusiasts a new trailer just dropped highlighting the sim's farm animals, local wildlife, and domesticated companions. The trailer shows off loads of lovely sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, horses, deer, and dogs.  And, yes, bees.

If keeping your bees happy made you feel good in Valheim, you'll feel even better if you do some beekeeping in Farming Simulator 22. Not only can you harvest your bees' honey, which you can sell locally or to cereal factories, just having bees around will improve your farm in general. "By placing beehives in proximity to canola, potatoes, and sunflowers, the yield of said crops will rise thanks to pollinating," reads the announcement from developer Giants Software.

Along with bee farming, greenhouses are coming to Farming Simulator 22, which will help your farms remain profitable in the winter months when you're plowing snow instead of fields (and when your bees are sleeping). Strawberries, lettuce, and tomatoes can be grown in your greenhouses all winter long if you keep them supplied with water.

As for the other creatures shown in the trailer, well, you can't farm deer but you can hop on your horse, ride into the wilderness around your farm, and at least take a look at them. Can you pet the dog? That's the eternal question, though the trailer only shows a farmer standing near a playful pooch. 

We'll find out when Farming Simulator 22 releases on, appropriately, November 22. And as a reminder, the sim will support not only singleplayer but online co-op and even cross-platform multiplayer, so you'll be able to farm with friends on PC and other consoles.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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