EVGA removes ‘Guest RMA’ option, but still warrants second-hand purchases

EVGA raised some eyebrows when it quietly removed the "Guest RMA" option from its US website, which allowed customers to request warranty service without registering their products. There was a bit of concern that EVGA might be shielding itself from having to service graphics cards that have been driven into the ground mining cryptocurrencies and then sold to a second-hand buyer, but it doesn't look like that's the case.

We reached out to EVGA for clarification, and specifically asked if it was still allowing owners who purchased a used product (graphics card or otherwise)  that is under warranty to request service, if necessary.

"Yes, as of now second-hand owners are still able to register and submit for RMA. Guest RMA just allowed for RAM without registering," EVGA told PC Gamer.

It's an extra hoop to jump through, but it's better than being stuck with a busted part. As it pertains to graphics cards, the warranty is transferable to a second owner in many cases, so long as the card is in its original factory condition with none of the factory labels or stickers removed. You can read all the fine print here.

None of this means you should be eager to buy a used graphics card. Regardless of what the seller might say, there's no way to know if you're getting a lightly used card or one that's been running at full load since the original owner purchased it. But if you do buy a used card and it has a warranty from EVGA, it's nice to know that the company will still honor it.

Paul Lilly

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