EVGA now offering low power versions of GeForce GTX 950

EVGA GeForce GTX 950

One thing you can count on from EVGA is that it's going to offer in the neighborhood of half a dozen different SKUs for any particular model graphics card, sometimes more. That includes EVGA's now 14 different SKUs of the somewhat spunky GeForce GTX 950. The newest of those models don't require a 6-pin power connector.

The number of GeForce GTX 950 cards in EVGA's stable ballooned to 14 with the introduction of eight new "low power" models, including four versions that don't need to be plugged into the power supply—they draw enough juice from the PCIe slot.

Needing a 6-pin PEG connector is one of the few complaints we had with the GTX 950 when we reviewed it last year. It's still a decent option for 1080p gaming, especially now that EVGA is offering a handful of SKUs that needn't be fed directly from the PSU, which should help with cable management.

On the flip side, pulling additional power from the PSU can improve stability and improve overclocking performance, though there's only so much to be gained from the GTX 950.

Here's a look at the new models:

EVGA Low Power GTX 950 Chart

Most of the new cards are available now with prices starting at $140, save for the 02G-P4-0954 SKU, which is listed as "coming soon" on EVGA's website.

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