Enigmatic RPG Absolver showcases suave melee combat

Judging by this brief teaser, Absolver is bent on bringing flair and grace to the typically underwhelming realm of online melee combat. I see one part Dark Souls and one part Street Fighter, both dangerously well dressed.

Arriving at an unspecified time in 2017, Absolver will have you playing a Prospect—one of the enigmatic chaps with the masks, I'll wager. Naturally you have a sacred mission to join the ranks of an elite peacekeeping force known as the Absolvers.

You'll journey the forbidding land, encountering other player-controlled Prospects "to learn your place in the world [you scrub]". These skirmishes are described as "an intense real-time flow of attacks, dodges, feints and counters", all of which are customisable from your Combat Deck.

There are light MMO elements too: you'll be able to group with fellow Prospects to tackle 'the dungeon mines of Adal' or enter PvP arenas that scatter the land.

Or—and this is just my suggestion—you could wander around contemplating how impossibly suave you look. Seriously, here's a gallery:

"We think the world would be a much better place if there were no guns," lead developer Pierre Tarno says. "Then we could finally focus on important things, like sword fighting and how to kill a man with one punch."

Absolver's full reveal will take place over Twitch from E3, Monday 13 June, 5pm PT.