Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter updated with video and concept art

When Elite: Dangerous appeared on Kickstarter the other day , it was like being given a box of delicious chocolates, only to find that someone had forgotten to put any fillings inside. Where there should have been praline (a video pitch) there was only a hollow void; where there should have been caramel or toffee (gameplay footage or images) there was only that icky strawberry filling that everybody hates. Well, we have two bits of good news for you: we're ending this torturous analogy right now , and Frontier Developments have updated their Kickstarter page .

Instead of a whole lotta nothing, you'll now find a video and a few concept images. It's not much, but it's a start . The images reveal ships and space, and even ships in space, telling us nothing about the game, but showing that they're at least taking the pitching process a bit more seriously now. Of more note is the video, in which David Braben bigs up his dedication to procedural generation, as well as dropping a few ideas about the multiplayer. In its latter half, the camera angle has been very carefully arranged to show eight monitors apparently running the game's current build behind Braben's head.

So we don't really know any more about Elite: Dangerous at this point, but this is definitely a better pitch than the one put forward several days ago, showing some passion for the project and at least a sniff of what it might eventually become. As of this moment, the game's reached over £368,000 of its £1.25m goal, so there's still a fair way to go. Check out some of the concept images below; you'll find the full range (and the video) on the newly updated Kickstarter page .

Tom Sykes

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