Elder Scrolls mod Morrowind Rebirth gets a large new update

(Image credit: trancemaster_1988)

By now, popular Elder Scrolls III mod Morrowind Rebirth has been around for almost a decade, but it's still going strong. Enhancing Morrowind both with technical fixes and by giving players more to see and do, this mod makes a classic from 2002 worth playing almost 20 years later.

Version 5.2 is predominantly aimed at bug fixes, both for the main game and Rebirth itself, basically further fixing some fixes. This includes graphical bugs, "hundreds of various minor mesh/texture edits", quest content such as "an issue where the Centurion Overlord was too large to fit through doorways", and unique enchantments to a number of weapons in Rebirth. Another large part of the update are balancing fixes for spell behaviour, spell cost, and enchantments.

The most interesting additions are without a doubt the graphical overhauls of both Gnisis and Seyda Neen. While Gnisis looks a lot better, the fixes for Seyda Neen change it so it looks substantially more like a fishing village. It also got coastal guard towers which serve barracks for Imperial Legionaries. The update also adds the following new items:

New Magic Armor:

  • Velothian Tower Shield
  • Velothi's Tower Shield

 New Artifacts/Uniques: 

  • St. Meris Shield of Serenity

 New Ingredient: 

  • White Guar Hide

You can find the full list of patch notes on Morrowind Rebirth's ModDB page. This extensive mod is best-suited for players who already know Morrowind and want to see a better version of it—like many mods, it's very satisfying to compare the modded version with what came before it. If you've never tried Morrowind Rebirth before, read more on why we love it in our feature from 2018.