Deep Rock Galactic Season Two 'will be a bit less ambitious and will come out faster'

Deep Rock Galactic season 1's new weapons
(Image credit: Ghost Ship Games)

With over 3 million copies sold and dozens of thousands of active players, co-op shooter-miner Deep Rock Galactic is kind of a big deal. So even if its much-anticipated Season 2 is still a few months away, we'll suck up any new information about it like an interplanetary dwarven miner sucks up alien eggs and gold.

And the first new tidbit is that Season Two is expected to go live "sometime between March and April, 2022," according to the announcement from developer Ghost Ship Games (thanks, PCGamesN). They've also revealed that Season Two won't quite match the scale of Season One, though will still have plenty to offer for prospectors of alien planets. They wrote:

"Season 01 exceeded all our expectations and catapulted the player numbers into space. But it was also a very big update, taking almost 7 months to produce and prepare. Season 02 will be a bit less ambitious and will come out faster. Not to say, that won’t still be an impressive update with all the bells and whistles, of course!"

deep rock galactic season 2 notes

(Image credit: Grey Ship Games)

The new season will bring with it a new theme, as well as a new 'Performance Pass', which is basically the game's free Season Pass system that gives you new challenges to work through and cosmetics to earn.

In the meantime, you still have plenty of time to work through Season 1: Rival Incursions. The free update launched at the start of November, bringing with it a new mission, new weapons, AI robots competing for the resources you're trying to gather, and of course a ton of colourful cosmetic goodies to earn.

Deep Rock Galactic is a really good time with three friends. Its loop of descending on alien planets, exploiting their resources, exterminating their insectoid populace, then getting the hell out of there is as good for casual sessions as it is for digging deep into the grind. It's worth adding that you can find it in the burrows of Xbox Game Pass too!

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