Dead By Daylight's latest patch improves Pyramid Head's 'flat rear'

Dead By Daylight Pyramid Head
(Image credit: Behaviour Interactive)

Behaviour Interactive released patch 5.1.1 for Dead By Daylight earlier this week, complete with all your bog-standard bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. But to the excitement of fans, the Pyramid Head booty saga continues with a cheeky butt buff nestled in the patch notes.

As spotted by Polygon (and thirsty Twitter, you horndogs), amongst buffs for The Trickster and fixes for visual glitches lies a sentence that simply reads "fixed an issue that caused The Executioner's rear to be too flat." 

If you're a bit out of the loop, Pyramid Head's dump truck has been a hot topic since he launched in Dead By Daylight last year. The thirst was real, but fans ended up convinced that the terrifying monster's butt had been nerfed between his promotional shots and eventual release. The developers insisted it "remained untouched" in a statement to Polygon last year, but some fans still weren't convinced.

Well, it seems like the naysayers were sort of correct after all. When contacted for a comment, a spokesperson for Behaviour Interactive told Polygon "Pyramid Head's behind was never nerfed. This said, we recently found a bug on one of his outfits, The Corrupted. The cloth covering his butt had clipping issues which made it well, flat. We fixed it and it will be pushed live in our next update, this Tuesday. I hope that you, and our community agree on the level of roundness, I know you have been closely monitoring the situation."

Amusingly, one of two known issues in the patch notes right now reads "The Executioner's rear may still be too flat," which is probably the case in the minds of many Pyramid Head butt appreciators. Hopefully, next week's update will satiate them once more.

Mollie Taylor
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