Day Z Photo Diary 2 -- Murder Mystery Castle

day z diary 2

He was a survivor with one life to live. His backpack: filled with beans. His world: filled with zombies. These are his tales, and the tales of his inconsistently-brave friends. And the tales of the woman played by a man who loved him.

Day Z is the Citizen Kane of unfinished zombie survival mods of military simulations, and I'm playing it a lot. In my second Day Z scrapbook, my friends and I explore the Terrifying Northwest Airfield, eat some hamburgers, throw a grenade, and solve a murder mystery.

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All by myself

Day Z played with a team of friends feels like an action-horror-comedy. But when you're alone—even in the comfort of the morning light—it's just a horror movie. I spawn kilometers away from my group, way up in the northeast nook of the map. My buddies are over in Vybor. Only one way to get to them: leg it. Arma could use an auto-run button, couldn't it?

Evan Lahti
Global Editor-in-Chief

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