Darkest Dungeon, Prison Architect, Figment are cheap in GOG's weekend sale

GOG's latest sale offers escapes to dungeons, jails and fantasy worlds this weekend. 

Most notably from now through Monday August 14, Red Hook Studios' wonderful and brutally-challenging RPG Darkest Dungeon is on sale for £7.59/$10.73 with a 60 percent discount. 

I'll talk about the sale's other games in a second, but I first want to highlight this section of Ian Birnbaum's 88-scored review. You should of course read Ian's words in full, but this particular except strikes at the heart of what makes Darkest Dungeon work: 

The more I played, the more I grew detached from the heroes in my roster. I even refused to rename or invest in the veterans of multiple tours—exactly the opposite of my squads in XCOM, which were all customized and named for family and friends. Becoming attached would make it more stressful to send them on another ill-conceived quest for trinkets and coin, and even more disappointing when they came back broken and despondent. When the cost is measured in sanity and blood, the most powerful lesson Darkest Dungeon taught me about adventuring is that it isn’t always worth doing.   

Darkest Dungeon's soundtrack, and Shieldbreaker and Crimson Court DLC are also on sale for £2.79/$3.95, £1.19/$3.06 and £5.29/$7.41 respectively. 

Elsewhere, this GOG weekend sale offers Introversion Software's Prison Architect for £5.00/$7.06—75 percent less its normal price. If your less into building jails and are more into fleeing from them, Mouldy Toof's The Escapists comes in at £3.29/$4.59. Most of the latter's DLC is on sale for less than a quid, too. 

Another good deal is Bedtime Digital Games' Figment, which can be yours for £7.49/$10.59 at half price. It's weird and gorgeous and has a free Steam demo if you'd rather take it for a spin before committing. Here's a trailer:

Check out GOG's latest weekend sale in full this way, and, as always, share your own favourites in the comments down south.

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