Creating the ultimate PC RGB lighting desktop setup is easy with CORSAIR iCUE

CORSAIR iCUE lighting
(Image credit: CORSAIR)


If you’re looking to enhance your PC gaming setup with cool aesthetics, one of the best ways to do it is to invest in some hardware equipped with RGB lighting. Aside from being snazzy and awesome to look at, RGB lighting can also create a more immersive gaming experience.

If you’re looking to RGB-ify your setup, you should look no further than CORSAIR’s iCUE lighting ecosystem and the numerous gaming PC parts, peripherals, and accessories that pair with it. Here’s why. 

What makes CORSAIR iCUE so good?


There are several choices for RGB ecosystems, but you will get the best experience by picking one interface which will unite all of your products into a seamless experience. iCUE not only offers this through peripherals but also your PC hardware and ambient lighting. iCUE compatible products have vibrant and plentiful RGB color options as well as extensive amounts of control. Each iCUE-compatible CORSAIR peripheral features state-of-the-art LEDs that support the full RGB spectrum and can be customized to be as bright or as dim as you’d like. You can also use iCUE to fully sync all of your accessories so that they all have the same lighting effects, which is fantastic if you want to give your set up a clean and unified look. Many games also have iCUE integration and will sync with your gameplay, changing your setup’s lighting based on what’s happening in-game (this can be toggled at any time).

What if you’re trying to create settings for different situations? iCUE has you covered with its custom profiles. Create simple and static lighting profiles for when you need to focus on competitive matches, flashy and colorful ones to augment your experience with an immersive RPG, or a dim and calming preset if you need to get some work done on the side. Anything you could ever want out of your RGB lighting setup is possible with iCUE. 

Finally, CORSAIR has tons of different RGB accessories available to satisfy everyone; up to the most die-hard RGB enthusiasts. Everything from gaming keyboards, mice, and headsets to PC fans, cases, and RAM sticks to ambient lighting are in CORSAIR’s catalog. The potential is limitless.

Want RGB lighting? Go with iCUE. 


PC gamers that want to elevate their PC gaming experience and be the envy of r/battlestations should go with CORSAIR and its iCUE software ecosystem. Not only do all of CORSAIR’s RGB products come with incredible lighting that looks fantastic, but they also can be extensively customized in iCUE so that you can create the perfect mood for any gaming scenario. CORSAIR has RGB options on nearly all of its PC parts and accessories as well, meaning that each and every part of your arsenal will shine bright with your favorite lighting options. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get started, we recommend picking up a pair of LT100 lighting towers or LS100 lighting strips from CORSAIR.  Both are easy to install and will provide an instant impact on your setup’s cool factor.