Core Keeper, one of our favourite co-op survival games, keeps getting bigger and better

Core Keeper survival game
(Image credit: Pugstorm)

Core Keeper was probably 2022's best co-op survival experience, getting the mix of cosy and creepy just right. An awesome mix of battling, exploration, crafting and farming in a sandbox setting, Core Keeper has already received substantial post-launch support and, with upcoming expansion The Shimmering Frontier, gets bigger than ever.

The Shimmering Frontier will introduce a whole new crystalline biome to Core Keeper, along with a whole bunch of additions: new ore, tools, equipment, pets, boss drops, upgrades, community requests and much more. Personal highlight: new cattle complete with breeding and transportation mechanics, and some kind of turtle-cow hybrid? Time to moove!

The expansion aims to take Core Keeper to the next level with weapons like the new Obliteration Ray: the clue's in the name really, but this destructive laser drill will go through walls faster than anything else in the game. Bit dark in this cave? Break through the ceiling with the literally cracking Roofing Gadget. There's also a new upgrade station which will for the first time allow players to upgrade their own gear, perhaps with the newly introduced Solarite Ore which can enhance your existing pick, fishing rod, sword and crossbow to new heights. It's the kind of equipment you'll need to stand a chance against the Atlantean Worm, a colossal new boss found deep below the Sunken Sea.

As well as this, The Shimmering Frontier adds new battle events, arena-based combat scenarios where the victorious reap rich rewards, a slew of new weapons, armours and outfits (including a Trench Coat that appropriately enough increases your inventory space). All of these goodies for players are of course offset by more nasty monsters than ever before, like the crystal-mimicking Mimite, creepy crawly Nilipede and enormous Crystal Snails.

The DLC adds much more to Core Keeper, including enhanced water physics, more customisation options, and improved enemy balancing. If you've wondered what if someone crossed Terraria, Stardew Valley and Don't Starve Together, Core Keeper and the Shimmering Frontier give the answer. The DLC is priced at $10.71, with a 33% discount running until 9 October, and you can pick up Core Keeper and all expansions on Steam now