Consortium: The Tower dev promises "radical plan" to save its Kickstarter

Consortium: The Tower

Consortium: The Tower kicked off its Kickstarter last month, with a goal of 450,000 Canadian dollars—about $328,000. Despite the relatively positive critical reception that the original Consortium received, the campaign has floundered, and as of right now sits at just C$169,000 ($123,000) in support. But even though the Kickstarter will come to an end in less than three days, developer Interdimensional Games says that all is not lost.

“We have been working furiously on a rather radical plan,” the studio wrote in an update posted yesterday. “The key to this plan, though, is that you backers hold onto your pledges. The only way you will be charged any money here is if the campaign suddenly has a couple hundred thousand CDN dollars pumped into it, which, while technically not impossible, is rather unlikely.”

“So, all we can say is TRUST US—resist the urge to cancel your pledge, we have found a way to continue full steam ahead and you will learn of this plan approximately 12 hours before the end of this campaign (or earlier),” it continued. “Believers that hold onto their pledges will have the most to gain from this new strategy. Keep the faith everyone!!!”

The only hint as to what this “radical plan” might be (or, more precisely, won't be) is a promise in the comments that a bank is not about to be robbed. Whatever it is, it will have to involve a huge injection of cash into the project, but also one of a fixed amount: Otherwise, there would be no need for people to maintain their pledges to the (almost) bitter end. Fortunately for Interdimensional, there's no good reason for backers to pull out, either. Kickstarter pledges are only collected for successful campaigns, so if this plan fails, or it turns out to be some kind of external crowdfunding effort, no money will be lost.

I've emailed Interdimensional about what it's got cooking and I'll let you know what I find out, although to be perfectly honest, if the studio isn't telling its backers, I can't imagine it'll tell me. Either way, we'll find out soon enough—the Consortium: The Tower Kickstarter campaign will end, with good news or bad, at 11:50 pm EST on February 19.

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Andy Chalk

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