Call of Duty: Black Ops reported to Office of Fair Trading

Black Ops

Independent pressure group Gamers' Voice is to report Activison to the Office of Fair Trading after they failed to respond to a letter regarding the buggy and 'unfinished' Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Gamers' Voice - established in 2009 by MP Tom Watson - issued an open letter to Activision on December 22, asking the mega-corporation what they were going to do to 'recompense' purchasers of the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of Black Ops, of which the group had been 'inundated with complaints from people who have bought copies'. Activision were offered one calendar month to reply, and have so far remained silent on the issue.

Talking to IncGamers , Gamers' Voice Head of Industrial Relations Chris O'Regan said "As a result of their inaction we will test the might of government agencies against Activision. We can only hope this brings about some litigious action. These agencies do exist to protect our rights as consumers, let us see if they can fullfill their remit on this pressing issue.

“GV wish to set an example with Activision to ensure games are not released in an unfinished state. If litigation is initiated, then a precedent would be set. In other words, publishers will have to reconsider releasing unfinished code in the future, in the UK at least.”

O'Regan commented that it could take months for the government to start official action.