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This trio of RGB fans from Corsair is currently $55 off at Amazon

This trio of RGB fans from Corsair is currently $55 off at Amazon
(Image credit: Corsair)

If you're planning your next gaming PC build, chances are you'll need some fans. Right now you can score a 3-pack of Corsair LL120 RGB fans at Amazon for just $75 ($55 off). The LL120 doesn't just provide excellent airflow but looks good doing it (if you're a fan of RGB, that is). Each fan comes packed with 16 independent RGB LEDs, giving you some serious options when it comes to customizing your lighting with Corsair's versatile iCue software. This software also allows you to adjust your fan's speed manually or pair it with your case's thermal data to dynamically adjust its speed based on needed airflow.

As its name would suggest, the LL120 is a 120mmx25mm fan, giving it the flexibility to fit into even the most compact mini-ITX builds. These powerful fans are built with hydraulic bearings, giving you maximum power with the least amount of noise, and each fan is backed by a 2-year warranty from Corsair. This trio of fans also comes packaged with Corsair's lighting node pro, giving you an additional 6 RGB headers juiced from a traditional SATA type power cable. If you really must have the best PC fans, it's a good offer.


Corsair LL120 RGB Fan 3-Pack | $75.00 at Amazon ($55 off)
This trio of 120mm fans from Corsair are powerful and feature some of the best RGB lighting options available. Normally pricey for fans, they're now affordable.

While the fans are an essential part of any build, you'll need a bevy of other components to make your gaming PC a reality. If you're trying to keep things sensible, make sure to check out our guide to the best budget gaming PC build to keep your balance in the black. 

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