Command & Conquer: Generals 2 will be free to play as part of online C&C series

There's already one free-to-play Command and Conquer game - Tiberium Alliances. This isn't that. At Gamescom, EA announced that Command & Conquer: Generals 2 has been "transformed" to become a part of a series of free, online Command & Conquer games that will revisit the Tiberium and Red Alert universes. Generals 2 will be the first in the line and is due next year, but closed beta sign-up begins today if you want a chance to see it early. At the moment, that address isn't working, but it's the right one. There's a new Generals 2 trailer too, which you'll find below.

In the words of EA:

"We are thrilled about this opportunity to transform Command & Conquer into a premier online experience. For nearly two decades, this franchise has existed as something you buy; now we are creating a destination where our fans will be able to access the entire Command & Conquer universe, starting with Generals and continuing with Red Alert, Tiberium and beyond. With Frostbite 2, we are able to keep an emphasis on the AAA quality our consumers expect while staying true to the RTS gameplay they know and love - all available online for free."

Unlike Tiberium Alliances, this is set to be a full-on C&C game, with elements like destructive terrain, physics, and multiple factions. More as it's announced.