Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Vet and n00b return in new trailer

How long do you reckon it's going to be before Modern Warfare 3's Vet and n00b trailers become their own cinematic franchise? They certainly seem to pack more ideas than your average creatively-bankrupt Hollywood mega-flick. The latest - highlighted by VG247 - sees the n00b (funny portly bloke Jonah Hill) blow up a building in Berlin, with the Vet (hunk du jour Sam Worthington) stoically looking on.

This one's directed by Peter Berg, who's best known for The Kingdom and the upcoming Battleship film (which has the single dumbest trailer we've ever seen). It's a reasonably amusing episode on the Vet and n00b series, but it does seem to be lacking a punchline. Also, the textures look a bit good for something based on the CoD franchise.