Call of Duty: Black Ops customisation trailer has a horse with a gun


This is pretty cool. Lots of you seem pretty wary of Treyarch's upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops, and not without reason , but if nothing else, it'll have a wicked customisation system that'll let you paint your character's face and guns, fashion a personalised logo for your stuff, pick different clothes/bushes to wear, and spend fake cash on in-game weapons and gun attachments.

All the way through that video, they're talking about spending and earning "currency." It's worth noting that this is virtual money they're talking about - VG247 report that the video comes with some fine print to that effect.

I give up. Until one of us reviews this, I have no idea whether I'm excited about this or not. I'm pretty bummed about the dedicated server thing , but I'm not really to dismiss the game just because it's Treyarch - a lot of these videos look great, and the obvious use of console controls can be misleading. What do you think? Are you excited? Nonplussed? Disappointed? Lost in an endless ocean of despair? A little thirsty, maybe?

[via VG247 ]