Buy Dogfighter for just over a pound


Dogfighter is a crazy multiplayer aerial combat game that has you battling for control of the skies in your trusty biplane. It's a cracker jack combination of Quake like blasting, breakneck turns and dizzying loop the loops, and this evening it will be on sale on Steam for just £1.05.

Released back in June, Dogfighter has been receiving a stream of steady free updates. Today it gets its latest patch, which adds a tutorial, a new plane (the Mongoose Interceptor) and a whole new level, complete with giant skulls. To celebrate, prices are being slashed to just £1.05 ($1.50). The sale is set to start some time this evening, though the exact time hasn't been announced.

£1 and five pennies! That's, like, two Mars bars, and Dogfighter is certain to be healthier, last longer and feature more exciting and terrifying nosedives than a chocolatey snack. If you're still not sure whether it's worth the cash, there's a demo available on Steam that you can download and play right now for free. Alternatively, you can check out the trailer below.

Tom Senior

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