Bulletstorm PC demo release details

Bulletstorm firekick

A demo is in the works for People Can Fly's psychotic shooter, Bulletstorm. Vice President of EA games made the announcement on Twitter , "Bulletstorm PC demo is in the works! Won't make it in time for ship date but should be available shortly after."

The game's due out tomorrow in the US and February 25 in the UK. Bulletstorm has been kicking up some controversy recently, both in the mainstream media and the games press. Here's why, and some shots.

Gamasutra's Richard Clark says "it's the sexual subtext of much of the dialogue, marketing and in-game text and actions that is most disturbing." Bulletstorm's lead designer "I do believe this industry will only be considered mature only once it stops being ashamed of itself." For our thoughts, see Tim's editorial last Monday - Why reviewers should say whether they enjoyed shooting men in the balls in Bulletstorm .

Or just quietly dry-heave at these shots from the demo.

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