Brave a flooded world in your little plane in Above

No longer blessed with the patience or time to invest in flight sims, the free-wheeling aerial acrobatics of Above seem right up my street. It’s a top-down action adventure that tasks would-be pilots with soaring through the skies above a flooded world in a tiny plane. You’ll still need to watch out for the leviathans below, however. 

While the teaser trailer shows off stunts, cargo deliveries and big ol’ sea beasties, developer Mighty Moth is also promising a “story-rich aeronautical odyssey”. We’ll be joining a scrappy young pilot in the cockpit and embarking on a dangerous journey across the sea. There’s supernatural undertones and ancient evils to overcome, as well as factions duking it out over the slim pickings offered by the ocean. 

Above is due out in early 2019, but if you’re going to be at PAXEast or Rezzed, you’ll be able to take a closer look. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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