Boost your abilities with a brain injection and explore new environments in GTFO’s Rebirth update

Get ready to GTFO! The co-operative survival-horror shooter that stormed Steam Early Access two years ago has just launched its fifth Rundown. Titled “Rebirth”, the latest update introduces new weapons, a whole new environment-type, and a radical feature called “Boosters” which empowers your character with a new suite of abilities (as well as giving them one monster headache).

GTFO sees four players team-up as prisoners incarcerated above a vast, subterranean facility known as the Complex. Overseen by a mysterious entity known as the Warden, the prisoners are forcibly dispatched into the Complex to retrieve valuable artifacts on the Warden’s behalf. But the Complex is also overrun by a wide variety of terrifying creatures – creatures that will rip apart all but the most skilled of player squads.

(Image credit: 10 Chambers)

While GTFO may appear to resemble Left4Dead, it is not a chaotic run-and-gun affair. Every bullet counts among the Complex’s twisting corridors, so coordination and teamwork are vital to survival. GFTO’s monstrous foes are extremely dangerous, so potential combat situations must be carefully managed or avoided entirely. You can work together with your team to identify enemies using heat scanners, before eliminating them silently with melee weapons. If a fight becomes unavoidable (such as needing to open a door rigged to an alarm) players can establish perimeter defences using equipment like proximity mines and deployable gun turrets to give themselves the best chance of survival.

The Complex is also an ever-shifting environment, courtesy of developer 10 Chambers’ innovative “Rundown” concept. This regularly alters and replaces features of the game that, once removed, may never be seen again. Whether it’s maps, enemies, or scenarios, GTFO’s tactical cooperative play is constantly being refreshed, so you can never be certain what you might encounter in the labyrinthine darkness of the Complex.

(Image credit: 10 Chambers)

Rebirth changes GTFO’s experience in some significant ways. First and foremost are Boosters. Instead of merely receiving the Warden’s gratitude for retrieving artifacts, players can now experience the unmissable opportunity of having chemical compounds knowns as “Boosters” injected directly into their brains. These Boosters will dramatically improve your abilities, increasing your weapon damage, reducing recoil and speeding up your hacking capability. More than worth having a needle rammed right into your skull. Right?

Alongside this, Rebirth adds a bunch of new weapons, eight new expeditions that’ll test your skills and teamwork to the limit, and a brand new environment type known as the Floodways. The Floodways marks a significant departure from the bleak industrial surroundings of the Complex. The lowest explorable point of the facility yet, it’s the only place where nature has regained a foothold, with glistening plants sprouting through the concrete floors and writhing amongst the metal walkways. Don’t pack your picnic basket just yet, though, as the Floodways’ more verdant spaces only makes them more dangerous.

(Image credit: 10 Chambers)

GTFO’s Rebirth update is available now for owners of the game. To find out more about both GTFO and the Rebirth update, follow developer 10 Chambers on Twitter and Facebook. If you still haven’t made the descent into Steam to pick up your own copy, now is the opportune time to do so. The clock has already started ticking to GTFO’s next Rundown, which will alter both the game and the Complex once more. So GTF in while you still can, and prepare for a cooperative shooter unlike any other.