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Blood Bowl 2 announced, and teased, by uncommon commentators Jim and Bob

Cyanide's take on Games Workshop's inspired tabletop fantasy sports game is set to receive a sequel, as revealed by Blood Bowl's vampire and ogre commentators in the first teaser trailer - or Jim and Bob as they're known to their friends. The follow-up to the turn-based/real-time tactical sport has been in development for a year, and puts the pair's 'Cabalvision' TV show front and centre.

If you're not familiar, Blood Bowl is like American Football (or in America, 'football') only with orcs, elves and the like appearing alongside yer more traditional humans. The statement accompanying the trailer had this to say about the sequel:

"In Blood Bowl 2, Jim & Bob will be with us, flesh and blood, throughout the game. They will be modelled, and animated in their Cabalvision studio that will be the main interface for the game! The whole game will be presented in a Cabalvision theme – the official Blood Bowl TV! – where Jim & Bob will guide players, comment their decisions and will even interview key star players appearing in the huge campaign mode. Of course, they will also grace us with their wild commentaries during the matches!"

We'll hear more about the game "over the coming months", but until then here's our first wee gameplay-free glimpse: