Blizzard 'love' Torchlight

Torchlight Steam

When Torchlight was released in 2009, it wore it's Diablo influence proudly on it's sleeve. It's success certainly kept fans of Blizzard's dungeon crawler happy, having been without a new title for nine years. But what do Blizzard think of Torchlight? "We play those and we generally love them," said art director Christian Lichtner when talking to Eurogamer . "Torchlight – we love it, we play it a lot."

Lichtner also noted Gearbox's 2009 first-person shooter Borderlands as a second Diablo-influenced title.

"I'd say Borderlands is inspired a little by Diablo – we love Borderlands," he said, before explaining how keeping an eye on the likes of Torchlight can help in the development process.

"It's always great. We love it, we talk about it, we scrutinise them from a gameplay standpoint to see what we can learn, to see what they've improved on. It's all good as far as we're concerned."