Black Edition noblechairs combine ergonomics with a premium feel

(Image credit: noblechairs)

We gamers spend a lot of time sitting around. It’s simply part of the deal: a lifetime of digital entertainment for which we happily sacrifice a bunch of mobility in our lives. Because of this, ergonomics are crucial not just for our comfort, but for our health. 

Positioning of lumbar support, armrest height, the level of cushioning on the base of the chair; all these things are vital, and luxury German gaming chair designer noblechairs knows that as well as anyone.

For years, the noblechairs line has been led by the EPIC, HERO and ICON series. All three chair designs are brimming with excellent ergonomic features including head and lumbar pillows, padded ‘4D’ armrests, and smooth rocking mechanisms that can be toggled on or off. These chairs ooze elegance, eschewing the garish colours or cheap materials that typify your average high street gaming chair. 

There are a few differences between the EPIC, HERO and ICON too. If you’re focused on adjustable lumbar support then the HERO may be your best bet, while the ICON has a rocking mechanism that lets you switch between a more rigid upright position for work and a more reclined position for kicking back with a gamepad. The entry-level EPIC has lumbar support that you can adjust (or remove altogether) using belt straps that loop through the top of the chair.

Now, each of these chairs has been graced with a new Black Edition, raising the bar even higher. Retaining the trademark designs that have made the EPIC, HERO and ICON series such a hit, the first thing you’ll notice about the Black Editions is their stylish matt black finish. But beyond the looks, the Black Edition uses a new hybrid material that’s more breathable and porous than anything the company’s made before.

By creating a material that’s actively breathable, capable of taking in moisture through the leather-like surface then ventilating it back out, noblechairs have addressed the age-old gamer problem of ‘swamp-crotch’ (don’t snigger, it’s a serious thing), caused by too much sitting in sweaty, non-breathable chairs while gaming. With this new material, the Black Edition chairs ensure that things never get clammy down under. 

The material is so breathable that the chairs don’t require any visible perforations or pores to keep air circulating, and it’s even being used in professional race cars to ensure maximum comfort (and minimum sweating) for the drivers. It’s a material that combines the best traits of PU, PVC and leather, all while remaining environmentally friendly and 100% vegan.

The Black Edition is not just an environmentally-friendly upgrade but a qualitative one, with neat touches like steel levers and metal buttons topping off that high-end feel. Read the PC Gamer review of the EPIC Black Edition here, and, if you want to give your gaming setup that touch of class, check out all of the new noblechairs Black Editions over at Overclockers UK