Black Desert Online free Kamasylvia expansion release date set

Last week, Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss revealed its fantasy MMO has sold over 530,000 copies on Steam and has 7.65 million registered players. That number is likely to increase in the near future, as the first part of the game's free Kamasylvia expansion is due to launch on September 27. 

In a lengthy list of patch notes also revealed last week, Pearl Abyss noted that four new servers boasting the server group name 'Kamasylvia' had been added, before saying: "You know what that means… Kamasylvia Part 1 coming real soon!"

According to the Black Desert Online official Twitter feed, "real soon" is now next week.

As reported by, the first slice of Kamasylvia will bring with it new quests and background details on the Dark Knights and Rangers. A new location named the Old Wisdom Tree will also be added into the game—and while there are no level requirements for entry, Pearl Abyss suggests higher-leveled will naturally fare better.   

MMORPG also suggests "group-based content" by way of the Altar of Training awaits players, so too does a tier nine Pegasus that can glide after double jumping. A survival mode mini-game can also be unlocked by fulfilling specific quests. 

The first part of Black Desert Online's free Kamasylvia expansion is due September 27. Here's the add-on's preview trailer that launched earlier this year: