Bill Gates grilled over the future of Age of Empires

age of empires

As any irascible granny will tell you, the best way to complain is to go straight to the top, or, in this case, right past the top to its former CEO and founder. Such was /u/le-click's policy when Bill Gates took to Reddit for his fourth AMA. Amid a sea of questions concerning finance, artificial intelligence and quantum computing, le-click was determined to get answers on one thing: can we get another Age of Empires?

In fairness, it has been three years since the last true Age of Empires game, and that was an HD remake. It was a very well received remake, the absence of LAN support notwithstanding, so it's surprising that we haven't caught wind of a follow-up. I imagine Bill Gates enjoys laying waste to enemy civilisations when he's not bringing clean water to Africa.

Believe it or not, Gates—billionaire, philanthropist, all-round computing wizard—replied: "I will look into this. How many empires do you need?"

Gates strikes me as a man with the connections to get stuff done, so there you are—Age of Empires 4 confirmed.