Battlefield 4 singleplayer plot details revealed in new blog post

Battlefield 4 won't be released until later this fall, but it's not too early to pore over every aspect of one of the year's biggest games. The Battlefield Blog is only too willing to indulge us in our obsessions, of course, so it has released a summary of the opening scenes of Battlefield 4's single-player storyline.

Players will take charge of Tombstone Squad, a small squad sent to keep increased tensions between the US, China, and Russia from boiling over. Tombstone Squad is filled with “unlikely heroes.” To ensure continued peace between these three military giants, Tombstone Squad inexplicably kills waves of Russian soldiers and performs an illegal mission into Shanghai.

Who's commanding these guys?

"As U.S. and Russian naval forces position themselves off the coast of China, and the situation quickly escalates into a stare down akin to a tinderbox waiting for a spark," the summary reads. "With communications dead, the Valkyrie sets course for Singapore to rendezvous with the USS Titan and the 7th US carrier group at their last known position. As you reach Singapore you are shocked to find a horrific scene of fire and mayhem. The flagship is sunk and it's fleet eradicated, and from this point on nothing is certain."

This reveal is in characteristically low-key for DICE. While the new Frostbite 3 engine , dynamic multiplayer maps , and commander mode have been announced with flashy trailers, the story of the single-player campaign was revealed to the world with 300 words posted to the franchise blog.

Check out the Battlefield Blog for the full summary . Battlefield 4 will be released on October 29 in North America and November 1 in Europe.