Batman: Arkham City trailer shows Robin in action

[VAMS id="hly8coJmM2p5Q"]

For now, the Boy Wonder is only available as a pre-order bonus in Batman: Arkham City, though these things often end up being released as post-launch DLC in the long run. He looks ... kinda great. The green shorts are out, a dark cowl is in. Have they really done it? Have they managed to make Robin cool?

He's playable in two challenge maps. The video above mentions that you can grab the deal from Gamestop . That's for US customers. UK purchasers can get a similar bundle from Game and Gamestation . Arkham City is out in just a couple of weeks, on October 18 in the US, and October 21 in Europe.

Update: Warner Brothers Interactive have told Shacknews that the Robin DLC is a "timed exclusive" that will be released as general DLC to everyone after release, though there's no mention yet of precisely when or how much it will cost.

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