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Russia's UK embassy uses Command & Conquer screen to warn of Syrian extremists

Remember a few years back, when the UK's ITV mistook an Arma 2 video for footage of the IRA shooting down a helicopter? Or more recently, when Iranian news agencies confused Medal of Honor gameplay with a real-life battle? To be fair, given the relative authenticity of the clips involved, those were understandable(ish) mistakes. But the tweet from Russia's UK embassy warning of extremists in Syria acquiring chemical weapons? Not so much. 

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If that image rings a bell, it's likely because it's a shot of Bomb Trucks from Command & Conquer: Generals, viewable in all its original glory at the Command & Conquer Wiki. What led the embassy to use a 13-year-old videogame screen to illustrate a presumably serious tweet is anybody's guess, although it at least had the good grace to add “Image used for illustration purposes only” to the bottom.   

Naturally, the internet has responded in the only way it knows how: with illustrated ridicule.

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Thanks, Eurogamer.

Andy Chalk
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