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Loads of Final Fantasy soundtracks are now on Spotify

A payload of Final Fantasy soundtracks have been dropped on music service Spotify. It seems to be a global thing—I can see them from the UK, and US folks are talking about it, too. If you're a fan of the RPG series, this will probably feel life-enhancing. 

While licensed covers of Final Fantasy tracks have been on Spotify for a long time (check out the amazing piano covers by TPR, an old colleague of mine), this represents a big change. It's actually hard to see them all together at a glance by searching for 'Final Fantasy', presumably because they're new on the service, so you might be better off searching for individual games. You'll find soundtracks on there from the entire mainline series, as well spin-offs. 

No matter Final Fantasy's ups and downs, it's always had phenomenal music, with many of the earlier entries composed by Nobuo Uematsu. About a decade ago, I was listening to a games podcast where a music expert guy came on and talked about why the Final Fantasy soundtracks were too simplistic musically, because they were a bit heavy on melodies or something. And I thought, "I get it, mate, you don't listen to Boombastic like the rest of us." Anyway, he was wrong, and this music is good

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