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Hearthstone Americas Champion: “I’m technically a better player than everyone”

Purple Hearthstone

Last weekend saw four Hearthstone players qualify from the Americas region for BlizzCon, with Purple going on to be crowned Americas Champion. We spoke with him prior to his final victory, and the other qualifiers Hotform, Nias and Jab. Purple was in bullish mood when asked about his lineup, telling us: “I’m technically a better player than everyone, so just play the best decks and see what happens. Let other people counter me.”

Find out if the other players suffered from slightly more nerves in the video above. Note: the players were speaking about the Grim Patron deck before this week’s Warsong Commander nerf was announced. We’ll be at BlizzCon on November 6th and 7th to see who takes home the title of World Champion (plus the not insignificant matter of $100,000).

Tim is Global Editor in Chief. Which means you can’t tell him to stop playing Hearthstone. Or writing about Hearthstone. He’s probably playing Hearthstone right now, honestly. And when he should be globalling.